Ardyth Johnson

Physical Theatre  Performer, Teacher, Writer and Director.


Ardyth first trained with mime artist Adrian Pecknold at The Manitoba Theatre School in Winnipeg and then received a scholarship with The Manitoba Theatre Centre to further her studies with Mime Unlimited School of Physical Theatre (Jacque Le Coq, Principal Ron East) in Toronto (graduate), plus other masters of Mime, Corporeal Mime, Commedia Dell' Arte, Clown, Bouffon, Movement Studies. Slap Stick, Stage Combat, Mask and Comedy. Ardyth holds a B.A in Theatre Studies from the University of Winnipeg and a graduate with Second City Conservatory.

Ardyth has toured throughout North America with Mime Unlimited, Theatre Beyond Words and many other professional companies. Ardyth performs, writes and directs under her Physically Speaking Company. Ardyth since 1987 has regularly performed Classic Mime , Charlie Chaplin, “Beth Hickadilly” (a medieval character) at festivals,corporate events and many more venues. When Ardyth is not performing, she is busy teaching as an arts educator in physical theatre, plus workshops all over Canada and Internationally.

Education and Certifications

  • Second City Training Centre - Conservatory Program – Graduate 2001
  • Mime Unlimited The School of Physical Theatre (Ron East Principal) - Graduate 1989
  • University of Winnipeg – B. A. Theatre – Graduate 1987
  • Philippe Gaulier- Master Bouffon and Clown 2009-2010
  • Highland Dancing (Irene Baird and Cheryl Rafter) - Teacher's Diploma - Members (Honours)
  • Karate - Wado Kai - 2nd Dan, Ryerson University Dojo- Weapon Trained


  • 33 Years of teaching experience
  • 30 Years of performing
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Child abuse awareness certificate
  • Participated in more than 30 festivals
  • Wrote and directed more than 20 shows








  • Prairie Theatre Exchange- Artist in the Classroom - Winnipeg One Division
  • Manitoba Arts Council- Artist in School Program - Physical Theatre/ Drama
  • ​St. James Division- Winnipeg- Artist in School Program - Physical Theatre/ Drama
  • Talent Inc. / Panache Model Agency- Commercial, Improve and Film Studies
  • Merlyn Productions- Physical Theatre for the Actor Intensive/ Character and to Sustain the Character Workshop/ Comedy, Rhythm and Timing Workshops
  • Teen Gay and Lesbian At Risk Group/ Tim Mark -Winnipeg,MB- Improve Workshop
  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People - Director of Junior Company- Adventures of Tyl
  • Prairie Theatre Exchange- Commedia Dell' Arte Workshops
  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People- Physical Theatre/Summer Camps- Improv/ Storytelling
  • ​University of Manitoba- Black Hole Theatre - Commedia Dell' Arte
  • Second City Education Department – all programs (including at risk teenagers, special needs groups)
  • Manitoba Board of Education – Physical Theatre / Improve
  • Toronto District Board of Education- Physical Theatre/ Improv
  • Claude Watson School for the Arts - Physical Theatre- Supply teacher
  • Ardyth Johnson School of Scottish Highland Dancing
  • Fearless Learning – Anti-Bullying Program – Improvisation based


  • 38 Years of Gig Work- Festivals, Parties, Corporate to All Events
  • 2 Phoria- Festivals and Events- Phoenix, Arizona- Margaret (Clown duo)
  • Weirder Thou Art- Writer and Director- Boufffon (Winnipeg Fringe 2016, Toronto Fringe 2017)
  • Phantasmagoria- Theatre L'Ange Fou - White Church Project - Head Master
  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People- Junior Company - The Merry Adventures of Tyl- Director
  • White Chapel Redemption - Writer and Director (associated with Theatre Incarnate)- Bouffon
  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People- Workshop Improv Show/ Story To Stage Shows- Director/Instructor
  • Master Orloff Freakshow Beautifique- Theatre Incarnate- Director
  • Phoney Baloney Pantalone- Poor Fools Comedy- Director ( 4 star review Winnipeg Free Press)
  • Capitano's Got Talent- Poor Fools Comedy- Director
  • Potato People - Margaret Beanstalk/ Momma Potato-Theatre Beyond Words - North America Tour 1991- 1993
  • Renaissance and Medieval Festivals ( 2000 – Present) - The Hickadilly's
  • Busker Festivals, Kingston, Ottawa, Waterloo, Toronto - Physical
  • characters/juggling/acrobatic's-Physically Speaking
  • Canadian National Exhibition ( 1989 – 2009 )- Physically Speaking and The Hickadilly's


  • Manitoba Theatre Centre Scholarship (Scholarship awarded to attend Mime Unlimited School of Physical Theatre)
  • Manitoba Arts Council- Grant for WhiteChapel Redemption/ Grants for Artist in Schools
  • Manitoba Artist Directory
  • Scottish Dance Teacher's Alliance- Teacher's (Member's) Certificate /Received Numerous Medals in Highland Dancing
  • Represented Girl Guides of Canada in Youth Parliament/ Girl Guides of Canada- Canada Cord
  • Wado Kai Karate 2nd Dan/ Tournaments- Five 1st Place, One 2nd Place and One 3rd Place Trophies
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award

Shows and Productions





Site Animation

With 32 years of experience and hundreds of site animation work, Ardyth will enhance the atmosphere of your corporate function or festival with Classical Mime, Charlie Chaplin, Character Clown "Margaret" or a medieval wench character "Beth".

Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation Site Animation


2-Phoria is Ardyth Johnson and Brian Foley. Ridiculous, inventive, and inspired by the fantasies of a child, the two performers of 2Phoria use their combined 60+ years as physical comedy professionals to lead the audience through a hilarious romp of transformations and dreams come true. Two ridiculous humble workers become glamorous circus performers and fabulous illusionists, at least in their own minds. This interactive physical comedy show is at home on outdoor festival stages or indoor theatres, and is the brainchild of Ardyth Johnson and Brian Foley. With multiple appearances at festivals on four continents and television programs such as Shining Time Stationand Sesame Street, these award-winning clowns have been called "The Perfect Comedy Partners", "Absolutely Hilarious", and "A Dazzling Display". 20 - 40 minute modular show is appropriate for all ages, and for non-English speakers.

2-Phoria 2-Phoria 2-Phoria 2-Phoria 2-Phoria 2-Phoria

The Hickadilly's

Feature's two outrages backward women on the hunt for husbands and a battle of the sexes. We use character improvisation, slap stick song, dance, buffoonery and audience participation to bring two shows to you ,"The Spanish Chicken "and "Gladiator Part Two" . A delight for the whole family!!

Both show's are 30 minutes long. Below is a list of all the festivals "The Hickadilly's" have performed in and currently:

  • Wisconsin Renaissance Faire
  • The Forks - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Southern Connecticut Renaissance Faire
  • Mayfair Renaissance Faire
  • The Toronto Street Festival
  • Grand Valley State Renaissance Faire
  • Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival
  • Pickering Markets
  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • Baycrafters Renaissance Fayre
  • Southeastern Ohio Renaissance Faire
  • Neill Muscotts Comedy Debate
  • Virginia Renaissance Festival
  • Louisiana Renaissance Festival
  • North Carolina Renaissance Festival
  • Ontario Renaissance Festival
  • Goderich Summer Festival
  • Hot and Spicy Festival
  • The Royal Medieval Faire
  • First Night Toronto

​Written by Ginette Mohr,

Original Cast: Ginette Mohr and Ardyth Johnson)

The Hickadilly's The Hickadilly's The Hickadilly's The Hickadilly's The Hickadilly's

Captiano's Got Talent

A 30 Minute Commedia Dell' Arte show using masks, slapstick comedy, improvisation, stock characters and audience interaction. Some of the modern references to Commedia Dell' Arte range from Shakespeare comedies, to Three's Company, to American Dad.

Captiano is holding a competition called “Capitano’s Got Talent”- a competition where he, and only he, performs, and of course wins…because there are no competitors. Until Isabella, with her servant, Columbina, demand to be entered into the competition. Capitano agrees to let her in based on the “$2000” entrance fee she agrees to pay. Capitano then tries everything to rig the competition to win. In the end, Capitano is shown the error of his ways and the whole group performs together.

Written by Cory Wojcik,

Original Cast: Cory Wojcik, Jeremy Rampton,Spencer Payne, Aileen Audette

Captiano's Got Talent Captiano's Got Talent Captiano's Got Talent Captiano's Got Talent Captiano's Got Talent Captiano's Got Talent
Video Part 1
Video Part 2

Phoney Baloney Pantalone

Phoney Baloney is the whole package- bright colours, fast paced 50 minute show, over the top characters, singing and dancing, audience participation and repetition of key elements. This is exactly how you do a show for children. Performed in the style of Commedia Dell Arte , we tell a simple tale with wide appeal. The beautiful Isabella is to marry her beloved Englebert. The eve of her wedding, her miserly father Pantalone becomes convinced there is a monster in the closet and the ceremony must be cancelled. The clever Columbina hatches a plan to help Pantalone to master his fears so that everyone can have their happy ending.

Written by Cory Wojcik

Original Cast: Jeremy Rampton, Spencer Payne, Aileen Audette, Alan Wong

Promo Video

Phoney Baloney Pantalone Phoney Baloney Pantalone Phoney Baloney Pantalone Phoney Baloney Pantalone

Okie Dokie

Combining Clown, Character and Mime :

Margaret a lonely woman, who escapes her humdrum world by fantasy's and unrequited love for Elvis is interrupted by an unexpected visitor from another planet and soon becomes an unexpected mother.

Margaret spends her whole life saying `Hello` but in the end will she have the confidence to say `Goodbye`.

okie dokie okie dokie okie dokie okie dokie

White Chapel Redemption

Follow the nocturnal adventures of three lovely Bouffon. Trapped overnight in the alleys of 1880's London, they quest for the salvation of their souls while outrunning the dangers of Jack the Ripper!

"Three little whores, shivering with fright, seek a cosy doorway in the middle of the night. Jack's knife flashes, then there's but one, and the last one's the ripest for Jack's idea of fun."

White Chapel Redemption White Chapel Redemption White Chapel Redemption White Chapel Redemption White Chapel Redemption White Chapel Redemption

Weirder Thou Art

North American humans you think William Shakespeare wrote Mac Beth ha, ha, ha..well we'll tell you the truth (wink wink) who really wrote the play. Three bouffon women (if you want to call them that) put the weird in the Wyrd sisters. The bouffon search for humanity brings William Shakespeare on a reluctant journey from a living hell to acceptance.

Weirder Thou Art Weirder Thou Art Weirder Thou Art Weirder Thou Art Weirder Thou Art


Every thing is coming up tea bags! A daily cup of Tetley is interrupted by the 'Egg'... as she is entertaining Mr. Portor. Julie Nash discovers her boarding house blues will soon be over. her little ginger spice world opens up to the possibility of freedom! Is Robert ready for this? Perhaps the galaxy has other plans!

Eggstatic Eggstatic Eggstatic Eggstatic Eggstatic Eggstatic

Visions of Our World

Two women explore through a series of physical, comic and dramatic vignettes what it is like for women trying to fit in a man's world.

Margaret's World

Margaret world is changing. The young Margaret is turning older and discovering it's a rough world out there and the mirror and the voices has all the answers! You will find quotes of the shows on the Physically Speaking website. Link located on home page.

Artist in Schools

Physical Theatre

Combining energy and imagination, students of all ages explore a whole world of physical expression. Students learn to celebrate, explore, and express themselves as they discover the essential tools of physical theatre. The program introduces students to the different facets of physical theatre, including movement technique, creating environment, and observation work. In consultation with the artist, the program can be individualized to connect to curriculum and themes explored in the classroom. Students will present a group performance piece at the conclusion of the program.


  • MAXIMUM 5 groups/week = 20 Hours
  • Can move from classroom to classroom.

Space Requirements:

  • Large empty room. (No Gymnasiums)


Certified Child Abuse Check and General Background Check. See Certificate

Canadian Arts Network for Learning (Toronto and Canada wide). See Certificate

The performers work smoothly to rhythmic music especially suitable to the stylized movements of cartoon figures. Excellent mime in it's comic presentation makes it seem that full dialogue is being delivered. Ardyth Johnson as Margaret Beanstalk gives comical impressions of sibling rivalry.
Dave NicoletteGrand Rapids Press,
Dave Nicolette
Ardyth was very enthusiastic and eager to help with any themes or ideas given to her.She had super introductory games to play, which was helpful as physical theatre is brand new to students and staff.
Manitoba Art's CouncilArtists in Schools,
Manitoba Art's Council
Phoney Baloney is the whole package- bright colours, fast paced, over the top characters, singing and dancing, audience participation and repetition of key elements. This is exactly how you do a show for children.
Michelle Palansk CBC Winnipeg Fringe Review,
Michelle Palansk
I loved your show . Congratulations, Ardyth, on well considered direction. I look forward to your intended reincarnation of this brilliant play. Can't get much better!
freak showKathrine MacLennan
Thanks for the excellent job you did directing Merry Tyl ! You introduced those kids to a world of physical comedy ,style ,myth and Commedia Dell Arte, they wouldn't have glimpsed without you. Thank you so much! It's a beautiful production-brilliantly staged and utterly charming.
manitoba theatre for young peopleManitoba Theatre for Young People Theatre School Director, Kent Suss
Thank you for coming all the way down here to bring smiles and laughs to the Wisconsin Renaissance Fair. You two are hilarious! We hope you enjoyed your time here as much as we've enjoyed you.
Kenton & Rebecca WhitmanWisconsin Renaissance Fair,
Kenton & Rebecca Whitman

Please get in touch for any questions.